Real Estate Law

We represent clients in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions. As Texas real estate lawyers, our real estate clients include developers, contractors, landlords, tenants, and purchasers and sellers of real property. We have extensive experience providing legal advice regarding property issues such as deeds, leases, easements, rights-of-way, title examinations, and loan documents.

We have experience in a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate transactions, including land sale and acquisition, building sale and acquisition, financing, land use and development, foreclosures, leasing, property titles, and filing builder's and mechanic's liens for contractors.

Our experience with a wide variety of transactions gives us the perspective we need to anticipate our clients' challenges and problems, so that we can respond with creative and efficient solutions. Our services include the review and preparation of all of the necessary documents for a purchase or sale of land, so our clients can concentrate on their long-terms goals for the transactions.

Venture Capital Services

We have experience working with venture capital firms, angels and private investors. If you are a company that seeks, venture capital funding, we can help your business become more venture capital friendly. We can also help you draft a quality business plan and summary. Because obtaining venture capital is often a difficult process and only a small minority of businesses achieve this, we certainly cannot guarantee success, but we can improve your odds. We can also help you explore other capital and financing alternatives-angels, private investors and lenders.

If you are able to successfully attract venture capital or other private financing, we can help you negotiate the terms of the venture capital or private investor contract. We can advise you on how to best protect your interests. While venture capital can be very positive, it certainly comes with risks. Without experienced legal representation, many entrepreneurs have readily signed into contracts that they later regretted. We understand the types of provisions that can be the source of traps for unwary entrepreneurs such as liquidation preferences, preferred class preferences, anti-dilution clauses, security interests, and provisions which give up too much management control or permit an easy path to board and management takeovers.

We can help you comply with all the legal requirements including preparation of offering documents to comply with the disclosure laws, creation of any new preferred classes of shares in accordance with state corporate law, and state and federal security registration to comply with state (blue sky) and federal (SEC) laws. We can generally structure the transaction so that it is exempt from registration, which is very expensive and time consuming.

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